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Oct. 5, 2022

Episode 1. Anything for the Kids with Elizabeth Bradley

Episode 1. Anything for the Kids with Elizabeth Bradley

Born prematurely with Cerebral Palsy the doctors didn't think that she would survive, this would be the first of many times that Elizabeth Bradley would prove everyone wrong. Despite having Cerebral Palsy, with the help of her grandparents she was walking by the age of five. Over time Elizebeth has dealt with a variety of challenges CP, loss of loved ones, unsuccessful relationships, and struggles with self acceptance but she has never given up. Elizabeth continues to be a strong example of how hard work and determination  can get you through anything.  She hopes to pass this lesson on to her three kids who she would do anything for from big things like trips to Dragon Con or little things like helping them find their socks. The biggest lesson I've learned from Elizabeth is you've only got one life to live, live it to the best.

Until next time Keep Calm and Roll on.

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Elizabeth Brady

Just a women trying to be her best self

I an a 38 year old woman with mild cerebral palsy. I have 4 kids. That I love dearly. I grew up with my family excepting my disability and not pushing me to be/do more. When the doctors told my mother and father I would never walk they excepted this with no question. It wasn't until I my grandmother and grandfather stepped in and pushed me to be more then what the doctors said I could be. I have my own house, have a steady job an
I put my boys to be the best they can be everyday. As a women with cp I have learned you may be limited ,but you are not limited to what people say you are. Always stay one step a head. Stay strong and fight for what you want. 💪