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Michelle Sokol

Author, Inspirationalist

Michelle Sokol, MLIS, is an autistic person, parent, and advocate. Michelle earned her undergraduate degree in English with a minor in Child Development and Family Studies from Baldwin-Wallace University and attained her master's degree in Library Information Science, where she specialized in Public services for Children and Youth. Michelle is the Executive Director of Beyond Light and Love Nonprofit, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to public education in Positive Problem Solving. She is also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Thai Massage Practitioner alongside other creative entrepreneurial skills in sewing and ceremonial design. Michelle's passion is public education on a plethora of topics and her special interests are neurology, genetics, cognitive behavioral therapy, and social-emotional studies and energy healing. She has an extensive teaching background of non-traditional and traditional students, and a lifetime of hands-on experience working with many neurodivergent individuals and those on the spectrum.

Feeling the Light and Love with Michelle Sokol

Oct. 26, 2022

Michelle Sokol, from the very beginning has had a passion to learn, from being able to read a full chapter book in first grade to gaining various degrees including her undergraduate degree in English with a minor in Child De…