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March 15, 2023

A Dream of Challenging the Norm with Sam Bronstein

A Dream of Challenging the Norm with Sam Bronstein

On today's episode I sit down with teacher, student, and blogger Sam Bronstein, as we discuss how despite growing up without many disabled individuals in her life she has an incredible desire to educate and challenge the way we think about individuals with Cerebral Palsy among other conditions. Some important questions discussed include why are some people afraid of the disabled? What are people more afraid of? The challenges that come disabilities or, showing their own vulnerability by setting physical  and mental limits? All this and more on The Sit Down Stand Out Show Podcast. For more information on Sam Bronstein The Disabled Dreamer check out the links below https://www.disabledreamer.com  https://twitter.com/disabledreamer https://www.instagram.com/disabledreamer https://www.facebook.com/disabledreamer https://www.linkedin.com/in/samantha-menuha-bronstein-they-them-7b4668166

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Sam Bronstein


Hi I'm Sam aka the disabled dreamer. I grew up with cerebral palsy in a religious Jewish community. I talk about my struggles with mental health, disability, and the intersectionality of that with other parts of me (being Jewish and queer) I try to create community with those who live and struggle with the same things and create understanding with those who don't.