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Oct. 12, 2022

Untying the Knots with Jay Hicks

Untying the Knots with Jay Hicks
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Jay Hicks's journey began growing up in an impoverished area dealing with gynecomastia and bullying ;however, this never stopped Jay from working hard at a variety of jobs even creating a motivational six figure cheque to display in his office. Once Jay achieved the goal of a six figure salary instead of being happy he felt uncertain about what to do next.  After much thought and meditation on the issues of society Jay decided to create The Tragedy Academy Podcast to created a judgment free zone using humour to allow people to share their stories so that we can learn from past tragedies to lay the foundation for a better humanity. We also discuss the importance of appreciating life's small moments we hope you appreciate this episode be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to The Tragedy Academy Podcast or, register as a guest athttps://www.thetragedyacademy.combut not before subscribing to The Sit Down Stand Out Show.

Until next time Keep Calm and Roll on.

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Jay Hicks

Podcast Host, Veteran, Music Producer, Graphic Designer,

Jay is a Florida native, veteran, music producer, podcaster, graphic designer, and the owner and creative mind behind The Tragedy Academy Podcast. Jay has held many careers, from digging septic drain fields to being a Financial Services Solution Architect Manager for one of the nation's largest consulting firms in the world. Jay has experience producing and engineering podcasts, voice-overs, promotional videos, and advertisements.