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Dec. 21, 2022

The power of kindness with Will Braid

The power of kindness with Will Braid
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On today's episode I sit down with Will Braid a man who has gone on to become an author of ten children books, a husband, and father of three all while living with bipolar disorder. We discuss the importance of kindness and how simply asking the question "are you ok? Can help save a life, how no matter who we are all of us have our own challenges to deal with and even though they are a part of us they aren't what define us.





Be sure to check out Will's book series Murray The Budgie and his other projects in the links below






Until next time Keep Calm and Roll on.

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Will Braid


Father, husband and published children's author are a few way to describe me.
I live with bipolar disorder and manage it the best way I can. In a world of inconsistency, there is one constant, I will talk about bipolar disorder under the pretext that if it helps one person, that's one person who must have needed help.