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Jan. 4, 2023

Defining Yourself with Chris Mitchell

Defining Yourself with Chris Mitchell
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Despite being legally blind and being expelled from multiple schools do to undiagnosed ADHD Chris Mitchell has never allowed any labels that other have given him define who he is as a person. Chris has relied on his sense humour and the philosophy that the only opinion of you that matters is your own  to become a successful blogger, author, and radio broadcaster. Chris went on to create the organization #DefineYourself an organization designed to help the disabled community to succeed.

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Chris MitchellProfile Photo

Chris Mitchell

Founder/CEO of #DefineYourself

I am known as he “it doesn’t define me” guy for a reason: born with cataracts that left me legally blind (20/200 in my left eye sand 20/300 in my right eye) and unable to read out of my right eye and no depth perception, born with a constricted aorta that led to multiple cardiac operations, a sever speech impediment that forced me into speech therapy before entering preschool, ADHD that got me expelled form two public school and two community colleges, years of severe recurring depression and seasonal affected depression aggravated by a verbally abusive functioning alcoholic father that included multiple admissions into psychiatric hospitals, and a incomplete spinal cord injury while engaged to my fiancée (now my wife) has never defined who I am or what I can, and have, achieved.
Despite it all I have fulfilled a childhood dream of working in broadcast radio, earned the privilege to return to the high school that expelled me and be employed by the community college that expelled me to teach a very successful eBay course, convinced a company to hire me, while I was holding a white cane in my hand, when they were not hiring anyone, written a self-published book “it Doesn’t Define Me: How I rebuilt My Life After Surviving an Ischemic Stroke to My Spinal Cord” and now I am a motivational freelance writer, blogger, virtual speaker, host of the Successful and disabled podcast, a guest on more than a dozen podcasts, and the founder of DdefineYourself.
I will bring energy that will motivate your audiences to define who they are so others can not define them.
I sue a mixture of real talk and humor to empower your audience to create success in their lives regardless of their definition of success.