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Nov. 30, 2022

Breaking Down the Walls with Rebekka Lien

Breaking Down the Walls with Rebekka Lien
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At the age of eight Rebekka Lien and her family emigrated from Taiwan to America, but the American dream soon became a nightmare as her father left and her mother became emotionally distant.  These events caused Rebekka to build emotional barriers around herself as she was afraid of losing what relationships she had.  All it took to change her life was the need to laugh.  After taking acting classes, Rebekka went on to star in commercials, game shows, and reality television.   On today's episode we discuss how over time with the help of her faith in God and hard work she learned how to overcome poverty, prejudice, and the inability to ask for help, to become the proud, confidant and inspirational woman she is today.


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