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Dec. 14, 2022

Celebrating Small Victories with Jacqueline Johnson

Celebrating Small Victories with Jacqueline Johnson
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Structure, routine, self-accountability; these are just some of the many things I discuss with Jacqueline Johnson, a women who successfully raised four children while dealing with high anxiety, depression and in later years alcoholism.  After committing herself to the advice of mental health professionals her mindset improved over time and she began appreciating small victories like taking a shower and being out in the sunshine. Jacqueline has now been sober and off medication for a year. Jacqueline is a prime example of how life isn't an easy journey but with hard work and a great support network happiness is within reach for us all.




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Until next time Keep Calm and Roll on.

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Jacqueline D Johnson


Hi! My name is Jacqueline, and I'm creating a podcast that speaks about how I made it through the Pandemic battling depression for most of my life. Then PTSD, anxiety attacks, and stopping drinking after a 10-year struggle. I would love the opportunity to share my story. Thanks