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Jan. 11, 2023

Seeing The World through a different Lens with Jason Gorge

Seeing The World through a different Lens with Jason Gorge

Dyslexia, a condition that causes people to struggle with reading, pronouncing words, and writing things down these are all challenges Jason Gorge had as a child. While dyslexia is a permanent condition through hard work, practice and the belief his family had in him Jason went on to become a teacher in a variety of subjects but, found his passion in wildlife photography Jason has gone on to photograph animals in their natural environment from all around the world for fun, educational prepossess and show people that even though life presents challenges  we should pursue our passions and appreciate living in the moment while we can.




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If you want to see some of Jason's work check out the links below






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jason george

Wildlife photographer & author

Is a dyslexic BIPOC wildlife photographer, presenter and writer that recently relocated to rural settings of Wasaga Beach to get closer to nature when he retired from teaching full time to chase his passion of wildlife. He loves to see wild animals in their natural habitat and state, so he travels around Canada (missing only Newfoundland and Nunavut) and the world (missing only Antarctica). Getting to see an animal in its habitat is special, being able to photography it is
awesome. Luckily, he has seen more than 70% of the animals you could see in the zoo, in the wild. He now explores ways to share his love and passion with those not able to have these experiences. Jason is published in Readers Digest’s, Local Magazines and newspaper.
Jason in 2022, released the 1st book in his series “The World with Jason George – Canada” with the 3 others in production. In 2022 Jason George Photography was the GOLD winner of the ‘Community Votes Simcoe County 2022’

Jason seems to have a magical connection with animals which helps him capture these amazing natural pictures (both ethical and humanely). He gets the best pictures of the animals without
hurting or baiting them. When Jason makes a sale of his photocards he donates a portion to help the animals he photographs, he ‘adopts’ an animal for the various children he meets, as another
way to spread happiness.

Check out his work www.jasongeorgephotography.com we are sure you’ll find a photo or story there that will make you smile or join him on an adventure on his YouTube Channel https://