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April 5, 2023

The Amputee Story continues with Keith Paris

The Amputee Story continues with Keith Paris
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Trigger Warning this episode contains discussions of self harming Listener Discretion is Advised

Born without a Tibula bone Keith has lived his entire life as an amputee. Life hasn't been easy for Keith dealing with being an amputee, and being unhappy with his appearance. All these factors caused hm to develop an eating disorder and a habit of self harming. This would not last as Keith would reach out to his high school Science teacher after deciding he didn't like the person he had become so he shared his story The Amputee Story and he has now been seven years clean of self harming. The book would go on to become a best seller . Keith works as a Zebedee model and makeup artist with a dream of changing the outlook of the LGBTQ+ community in West Indie culture.

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Until next time Keep Calm and Roll on.

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Keith Parris


Keith Parris took the internet by storm with his book'Amputee Story', about the many challenges he went through as a child. He has since overcome his eating disorder and self-harm problems, and is now 7+ years clean.

Keith was able to rise above all the adversity and build a platform for himself. Through various interviews with publications like SlayTV, Time Out New York he is expanding upon that foundation.

Featured on Out Magazine OutList 2021.